Having years of experience in natural stones sector, GNZ Marble offers you unique quality Turkish marbles as blocks and slabs. In addition to marble-works we specialise in proccessing garden furniture & landscaping Stones such as pebbles, rocks, fountains in our factory in Izmir/Turkey..

Today GNZ MARBLE takes justified pride of presenting to international market its products and keep striving to grow business and establishing long-term strong relations with its partners all over the globe which makes it a global family.


To provide first quality products to the whole world by utilizing internationally valid innovative management and inspection systems.


To be the best in the international market by operating with the principles of;

- Unconditional customer satisfaction

- Following up and exercising technological developments closely.

- Respect to the environment and human beings.

- To provide continous sources depending our customers request

- To give optimum service according different structures, needs and expectations of our customers.

- To introduce and continuously update support to facilitate and speed things up.

- To fully understand the requirements of clients as well as institutions and serve them with the highest level of services by delivering top quality products.

- To be recognized as a leader in the industry with well-integrated operations, thereby responding to the unique requisites of clients in an efficient and timely manner.


- Ensuring the ultimate satisfaction of our customers with sustainable production.

- Being a leader in quality with continuous development.

- Ensuring the ultimate development, prosperity and job satisfaction of the employees with team spirit.

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